The Boca Raton

The Boca Raton, an iconic resort and club in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida, needed to draw a new wave of hospitality talent to their website.

Strategic copy, UX/UI, and IA shifted The Boca Raton's brand story, voice and tone, and value proposition away from a resort focus and spoke straight to the target personas - job applicants.

Tagline for the The Boca Raton Employee Campaign:

Where Passion Meets Possibility

01 — Project details

The key was to develop a tone of voice that differed from the elevated language used for resort guests and member communications, while maintaining brand integrity.

The Employee Campaign needed a more approachable character and messaging, one that speaks to encourages professionals to bring their whole selves to The Boca Raton - just as they are.

The result was a careers website that captured the spirit of The Boca Raton's team and culture - high-performance, but fun.

02 — Creative process

Stirring feelings of aspiration, messaging underscored the unique value of a future at The Boca Raton, evoking a sense of belonging and community, with a special emphasis on the diverse range of career paths.

The vision was simple.
Lead with real people in their real working environment, and let them shine.

While honoring The Boca Raton's legacy, the brand language also introduced key messages unique to recruitment.

With a simplified IA, job seekers could quickly glimpse career path tiles with a hover effect, then visit the page.

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